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What’s New

What’s New in IceView 4.01


  • If no programs had been added to the Open With menu, IceView would crash if you pressed the Open With button on the toolbar.
  • The Batch Conversion dialog had no drive list box, hence changing the drive for the output folder was impossible.
  • The list of drives in the Select Files for Conversion dialog had no effect on the list of folders. Adding files for conversion from a different drive than C: could not be done.
  • Printing humongous images would result in a blank page.
  • Adding files from the root of a drive would result in an incorrect path in the Slide Show Editor and in the Select Files dialog.
  • Fixed a problem that would occur when trying to save a PCX file in 6 bits per pixel.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the Batch Conversion feature.


  • Removed the opening nag screen. IceView 4.01 is nag free shareware.
  • Added ‘Remove Duplicates’ and ‘Remove Invalid Files’ commands to the Select Files dialog.
  • Added the ’Engrave’ command to the Filters menu.
  • The Batch Conversion feature has improved error handling.
  • Enlarged the file browser.
  • Made the Search dialog modeless (you can switch focus between the Search dialog and the IceView main window).
  • Improved the help file a bit.

What’s New in IceView 4.0

  • Native support for animated GIF images.
  • Support for more image file formats. IceView 4.0 can read and write a huge number of file formats. IceView 4.0 supports image conversion and batch conversion.
  • Dozens of new image manipulation commands.
  • TWAIN support for acquiring images from scanners and digital cameras.
  • Ability to define regions, and use image-processing functions to modify the region.
  • Thumbnail Preview for image processing dialogs allows you to preview changes before you make them.
  • A progress bar that displays status of image operations.
  • You can select between more than 100 different paint effects to be applied when painting an image in slide shows scripts.
  • A Count Unique Colors command that returns the number of unique colors in the current bitmap.
  • Support for multiple undo levels (up to 20).
  • Embedded comments are displayed in the Image Information dialog.
  • Print with IceView and Convert to commands in Explorer’s context menu. The Convert to command allows you to convert images within Explorer.
  • IceView 4.0 maintains the original image’s comments when saving.
  • Added a pop-up menu to the file browser.
  • Improved the Search dialog box.
  • Empty Undo Buffers command.
  • Enhanced the Position Wallpaper command, you are now able to drag the image to the desired position.
  • Made the file browser easier to move.
  • Support for AVI video files.
  • IceView does now save undo information in drag & paste operations.
  • Looping the slideshow is now optional.
  • Repeatedly playing the music during slideshow is now optional.
  • You can now arrange the order of images in slideshow scripts.
  • Fixed a problem that occured when printing images with a certain color depth.
  • Fixed a problem with the Thumbnail Viewer (it wouldn’t display images of a certain color depth).
  • Fixed a minor problem with the image index feature.