The Old-School Graphics Tool for Windows


IceView is a versatile graphics tool for the Windows environment.

  • Support for more than 40 image file formats
    IceView can read and write a huge number of formats, including animated GIF images. Click here for a summary of all supported image file formats.
  • File-management tools
    Images can easily be moved, copied, renamed and deleted (permanently or to the recycle bin). You can also move and copy images using OLE drag and drop from the file browser.
  • Slide shows
    Full screen and windowed slide shows, with forward/reverse/random sequencing options. Slide shows can be accompanied by midi music, a wave file or an audio CD. IceView has a built-in slide show editor with many interesting features. You can also select a random or a specific paint effect for your slide shows.
  • Image manipulation
    IceView has an extensive set of image manipulation commands, ranging from basic image editing functions to advanced filters. You can view changes before you make them.
  • Screen capture
    You can capture the following areas of the screen by pressing a hot key of your choice: the entire screen, the active window, the client area of the active window, and any rectangular area of the desktop.
  • Shell integration
    You can tell IceView to add the following commands to Explorer’s context menu: View with IceView, Print with IceView, Convert to, and Browse with IceView. The Convert to command allows you to convert images within Explorer.
  • Set the desktop wallpaper
    Desktop wallpaper commands allows you to quickly change your desktop wallpaper to any image. Images can be centered, tiled and positioned on the desktop. Images can also be stretched to cover the entire desktop.
  • Thumbnail viewer
    The thumbnail viewer shows a thumbnail of each image in a folder, allowing you to visually browse more quickly through many images.
  • Image indexes
    IceView allows you to build image thumbnail indexes. This is useful when exchanging images. Click here to view a small image index created with IceView.
  • Scroll and zoom
    You can scroll images using scroll bars, the keyboard, or by dragging the image around with the mouse. IceView uses 17 different zoom levels – from 5 to 2000 percent.
  • Logo changer
    The logo changer allows you to easily change your startup and shutdown screens. When you select an image as a logo, it is automatically converted to a 320x400x256 Windows Bitmap and placed at the proper location. Your original logos can automatically be restored.
  • File search
    IceView allows you to search drives for folders containing images, or for a specific file.
  • Free upgrades!
    Once you have registered IceView, you are entitled to all future versions of the program for free.
  • The Open With menu allows you to quickly open images in your favourite image editor applications.
  • IceView is able to check for new versions of the program on the web. If it finds a newer version, you will have the option to download the update file.
  • TWAIN support for acquiring images from scanners and digital cameras.
  • Support for copy, paste and multiple undo levels.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Rapid image decoding.
  • Extensive image information.
  • Selectable dithering modes.
  • Attractive, efficient and easy-to-use interface.
  • User configurable toolbar.
  • Full screen viewing ability.
  • Windows 98/XP compliant setup with Uninstall support.

Download the Latest Release: IceView 4.01 (, ~5 MB)

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